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Maginaugh - J. Ellyne A long time ago, in the galaxy far, far away... Well, not that far away, but a long time ago: Great Lakes area, 9000 years back in time. There are three main tribes in the area: a highly advanced peaceful agricultural tribe, a semi-nomadic tribe of hunters and gatherers, and a tribe of primitive barbarians. Their migrations gathered them together and the clash of cultures and fight for survival are inevitable.

There are some sex scenes in there as well as lesbian romance, so beware. Despite this book being labeled as erotic, this part is not the main focus of it and the sex is not explicit and tastefully done; I actually saw more explicit scenes in pure fantasy books.

The settings of the book are unique hands down. When was the last time you read a book with its plot taking place in this time and location? The amount of research done shows in the details and makes this book look almost like a historical one and not fantasy. The book blurb mentions that there is enough action in there to keep it from becoming a romance novel and I completely agree.

This is a self-published novel with some rough edges showing up. It took me some time to get used to the writing style, but it fits fairly well with prehistoric background. The final rating would probably be 3.5 stars, but the good parts overweight the bad ones, so 4 stars it is.

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