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Too Dark to Sleep

Too Dark to Sleep - Dianne Gallagher First things first: I need to mention I received this book in Goodreads giveaways.

Maggie Quinn used to be a top homicide detective in Chicago before she was completely devastated by the loss of her daughter. She tried to commit suicide unsuccessfully, now she lives on medications under supervision by a hired nurse. Still, the serial killed in on the loose, the one whose identity Maggie almost figured out when she was still with the police. Desperate for help, the police hire Maggie as an independent consultant to the case. The problem is, the killer is really good in hiding his tracks and Maggie is still unstable.

When I read this book, I realized two things:

1. This is not my kind of book - I mean the genre.

2. Despite what I said above, I actually like it.

The main characters are great, and the pacing of the plot is good (except for the beginning). So, 4 solid stars and my best wished for the author - this is her first book.