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Monster Hunter International

Monster Hunter International - Larry Correia Owen Pitt fulfilled an American dream: he killed his boss who was a big jerk. The boss also happened to be a werewolf who was about to eat Owen, so the killing was in self-defense. Now he knows that monsters are real, and that there is a government conspiracy to hide their existence from general public. As a survivor of a monster attack, he is recruited by a private company called Monster Hunter International (MHI) which hunts supernatural monsters.

This book can be described as Dresden Files on steroids and with a lot of big guns. What I like about it is that unlike Harry Dresden, Owen Pitt never looks like an underdog. Surely, he gets his butt kicked a lot, but he at least gets to kick back. He also uses a lot of heavy artillery including PRGs which somewhat evens up the odds.

I like the way vampires are presented in the book: they do NOT sparkle. They fight like Dracula on serious steroids with a master vampire being an unstoppable killing machine. I also like elves and orcs in the book, but I will not spoil it; they are fun, trust me.

There are some problems with the book as well which kind of bothered me. You can tell the author is a gun-loving libertarian: it shows clearly. He does not preach his views, but comes pretty close to it. The stakes were way too high for the first book in the series with the whole world is about to be destroyed and a lot of super-monsters trying to kill a poor new recruit of MHI. It would be fine with me if Owen hunted some secondary monsters through the whole book, but he is thrown against really big guys almost from the beginning. There is one more problem, and I cannot quite put my finger on it - but it prevented this from being really excellent fun mindless read; something is missing.

Still, even with the problems I described, the book is fun to read, and I will continue with the second book in the series right away.