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Quest for Lost Heroes

Quest for Lost Heroes - David Gemmell The Nadir raiders captured young women from a small village. A young romantic man from this same village happened to be in love with one of them (it was a one-sided love). He set out on a hopeless quest to rescue his love. He was lucky as several great heroes who survived the last onslaught of Nadir hordes joined him out of sheer boredom - mostly. Still a few expert fighters do not make a task of finding a woman in vast Nadir steppes and getting out with her alive any easier. In fact, the company was given a prophesy that they would fail in their quest in the beginning of their journey.

I was about to give up on the series at this point. The first three books had almost the same main plot: an overwhelming force is trying to conquer Drenai lands only to be foiled by great sacrifices of the defenders. This book neither have any siege battles, no any grand army against another (not so grand) army fights.

On the down side I still do not quite understand the motivation of the veterans to join the quest. When people choose death they usually have more reasons than pure boredom. MINOR SPOILER follows: it also turned out in the end the quest was somewhat useless and I really do not understand why people did some additional tasks - considering one of them was a seer who should be able to see that these tasks were not in their best interests.

The final verdict should be 3.5 stars: at least this book made me want to continue reading the series which I was sure I will abandon after this installment.