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December's Thorn: A Fever Devilin Novel

December's Thorn: A Fever Devilin Novel - Phillip DePoy First things first: I need to mention I received this book in Goodreads giveaways.

Fever Devilin is a retired professor living in a secluded location in a small town. He recovers from a coma (I think it was explained in the previous book). Suddenly a strange woman comes to him claiming to be his wife with his child. Poor Fever does not have any recollection of ever being married, let alone having children, he is also currently engaged - so the complications arise. Strange things start piling up, and Fever is not sure whether they are real.

I would classify this book as psychological thriller, and it actually is a good book despite what my 3-star rating might indicate. The ratings come from pure frustration moments I had with it - and boy, were they frustrating!

Imagine the following dialog with you playing Fever's part:

"I saw a strange woman coming to me and claiming to be my wife" you say.
"It was your imagination, you are still recovering from coma and cannot tell your dreams from reality" your good loving friends say.
"See the footprints in the snow in front of my door: they are woman footprints. The woman was real" you say.
"No, you are wrong - the woman was a port of your dream" your good loving friends say.
"My psychologist saw the woman, she is real!" you say.
"We are still not convinced she is not part of your imagination" your good loving friends say.

At this point I would really lose all connections to reality, turn into a homicidal maniac and start killing my good loving friends. Fever did not, which in my opinion proves he is perfectly sane and stable. Speaking of sane, mentioned above Fever's psychologist seems to be out of touch with reality at times, but the sexual tension between her and Fever is really good and interesting.

Another frustration: you have a crazy (literally crazy) person who already killed seven people on the loose. An entire police squad is searching for him - and they know his general location. How comes they did not find even a trace of him while Fever and Co. literally stumble on him countless number of times without even trying? What was that squad doing during the search?

All in all and despite that I said above, it is a good book and a real page turner.