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The Devil's Auditor: The Devil's Series

The Devil's Auditor: The Devil's Series - Eduardo R. Casas First things first: I need to mention I received this book from Goodreads giveaways.

Eduardo (Ed) Castillo is an auditor which looks like a quiet boring job to outsiders. He received a request to conduct a seemingly routine audit in a bank which resulted in him uncovering a vast international conspiracy at the cost of endangering his life; a killer maniac is after him.

2.5 stars: the only reason I give an extra half a star is that this is a first author's book and I really want to encourage him in further writing. The good parts are that when the author talks about the audit subjects he really knows the topic and actually makes it sound interesting. This includes real-life examples - and I know the people who should be forced to read these parts so they might get a clue about the current state of economy.

The bad parts: As a work of non-fiction the books is great; as a fiction it falls flat. The dialog is really rough around the edges, as well as in the middle ;) There are some good parts in there, but it really needs to be redone, as right now it looks like the one in a play, not a fiction book.

Another problem: as soon as a new character is introduced, his or her complete biography is given. Once again, this is not how it is done in a fiction book. Speaking about characters, if I had a girlfriend like Ed's, I would turn around and keep running until I reach the South Pole.

All in all, a rough book, but there are some diamonds in there.