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How I Found You

How I Found You - Gabriella Lepore First things first: I need to mention I received this book from Gooreads giveaways.

Second note: this is 3.5 stars book with rounding up or down depending on whether you like paranormal romance books.

On to the review: a sixteen-year-old girl Rose came to her aunt and uncle to spend a summer vacation while her parents work in Africa. The place is really quiet and sleepy, so it was a surprise when two brothers suddenly showed up and almost forced her aunt to accept them as guests. As it is a paranormal romance novel, I do not need to tell you that they are both handsome and mysterious.

The good parts. The plot is interesting and the mystery of the brothers is intriguing (but it is revealed too early, in my opinion). The book is easy to read and is almost never boring. It is for now standalone which is a rarity these days, and it wraps all the plot lines nicely in the end. I like the cover; it does not have half-naked people typical for romance books.

The bad parts. A lot of cliches from paranormal romances are in the book, including the one that made me cringe. A necklace in the form of a heart which can be separated into two broken pieces to be kept by lovers: I think this is getting REALLY old for any kind of romance novels.

I really regret not being able to give half stars for the rating, as this is solid 3.5 stars. As I mentioned above, if you are a fan of the genre, round it up as the book in above average in paranormal romance; round it down if you are not.