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Monster Hunter Vendetta

Monster Hunter Vendetta - Larry Correia Owen Pitt stopped the end of the world in the last book, but managed to get an Old One (something like an old god) really pissed off in the process. It was not even Owen's fault the Feds decided to drop a nuke on the guy, but it turns out the gods do not like having a nuclear blast close by. The Old One also happened to have bad intelligence, so he turned his wrath on Owen. The Feds decided they need Owen alive (for now), thus he was assigned a group of bodyguards led by none other than agent Franks who kept breaking Owen's bones before - they do not like each other. Agent Franks also prides himself in never failing a mission, and he is not about to let some minor nuisances like a couple of immortal assassins and a god spoil his spotless record.

Even more gunfights, explosions, and butt kicking than the first book (and I thought it was impossible to top it!). Minimal character development, but we finally got to meet Owen's family. I really love the portrayal of orcs, gnomes and trolls. The second book is still mindless fun, just like the first one.