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The Wizardry Cursed

The Wizardry Cursed - Rick Cook A very good computer programmer Wiz ended up in a world with magic. In the first two books he tried to apply the principles of programing to magic spells with such good results that humans were finally able to successfully defend themselves against magical creatures like trolls who really like to have a human for lunch every now and then. Trolls, being forced to abandon an important part of their diet want Wiz to be removed from the game permanently. They invoked an old debt with dwarves who now have to think of a way to assassinate Wiz. This is actually the least important of Wiz's problems as a much bigger thread emerged: two hackers ended up in the magical world, and backed up by an ancient forces, proceed to do what hackers do in the real world: destroy things created by Wiz's team. It does not help any that one of the hackers in a megalomaniac who wants to dominate both worlds if he can, or destroy them if he cannot - and he has means to do just that.

The book is fairly humorous which actually made me laugh out loud at some points. It also full of puns - programming and otherwise: what do you think would happen to a guy named Gilligan if he ends up near an island? The knowledge of programming is not necessary to enjoy the book. I thought the ending was too abrupt - and quite tragic considering the rest of the book, but I realized that I just got used to modern fantasy sagas where authors do everything in their power to increase the length of their work. This book's end was short and to the point.

I really like this book which gets an easy 4-star rating from me, and the only regret I have is that I did not read it earlier.