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The Wizardry Consulted

The Wizardry Consulted - Rick Cook An ancient and very powerful dragon made a proposition to Wiz which cannot be refused: save people who live close to dragon lands from dragons, or face a destruction of the capital of northern wizards. What is more, Wiz cannot use any outside help. It also seems people he is supposed to help do not care about his help or even him personally very much. What is a real life solution to the dilemma? Send a consultant or cause, convince that there is a problem (and create one in the process), make the issue so convoluted that nobody would object, and - the most important part - collect the consultant's fee.

This book is very lighthearted; there is almost no dark undertones in it. Readers who never had to attend corporate meetings (and I envy such people in a bad way) might not understand all humor and satire of the novel. As for me, the moment I realized I have actually heard the exact sentences before in real life - I was at the loss whether to laugh, or to cry. At least in the book it was given its true name: bullshit.

4 solid stars for entertaining values, remove one star from the rating if you never had to attend a corporate propaganda meeting.