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The Wizardry Capitalized

The Wizardry Capitalized - Rick Cook This is unfinished book which sadly is never going to be finished due to author's inability to write caused by a surgery. Basically he released everything he had time to create on his web page. The book consists of 3 parts: initial conflict, development, and resolution. The first part is done with some minor rough edges. The second part consists of just a collection of some scenes without any connections between them, but it is still quite possible to see what is going on. I also need to add that some of these scenes are hilarious and made me laugh out loud (a dragon's hunt for hay and oat cakes as well as reasons for them comes to mind) - and this brings me to the bad part. The resolution is not there, and it is completely unclear which direction it would take.

This book deserves 4 stars even in its unfinished form. I really wish all the best to the author and hope he will recover.