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The Time Machine

The Time Machine - Greg Bear, H.G. Wells A group read with a bunch of Pantaloonless Buddies.

I have yet to see any decent movie adaptation of this science fiction classic, let alone a good one. The only reason I give a plot synopsis of this otherwise well-known story is that I am afraid some people would judge it by a (very lame) movie.

This is the granddaddy of practically all time-travelling stories, including very new and popular sub-genre: time-travelling romance. An inventor built a time machine. He used it to travel to a distant future: 800,000 years to be exact - yes, he was way more ambitious than other iconic time travelers.
Back to the Future
You would not think I am able to write a review for this book without at least giving a nod to Back to the Future, would you? What he found in the future can be only described as one of the first dystopia in literature. It did not look like one at the first glance, so the main hero had to survive some dangerous situations to finally get the whole picture (it was not pretty). I am also not going to bet it would not come to be in real life.

When I first read a book in my early teens I thought the theoretical explanation of time travelling in the beginning was boring. This time I really liked it as it did have some solid math background underneath its simplistic facade. The adventure part was still as exciting as during my first read. I also found the descriptions of dying Earth under dying Sun excellent, fascinating, and depressing in sense that they do mess up with you mind.
Dying Earth

Somehow I managed to miss very profound last sentence of the story during my first read. The only reason I did not give 5 stars to this book was somewhat heavy writing style at times which speaking honestly have not lowered my enjoyment by much.