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Power of Gods

Power of Gods - Nancy Madore Nadia Adeire has to confront her past - her father's history to be exact - with the help of her former kidnappers. She has to go back as far as Biblical times to begin getting some glimpses of the mystery that culminated in a thwarted terrorist attack in the previous book. The search leads all of them in a highly secret research facility under the Department of Defense supervision in Alaska.

I already mentioned author's high ambitions for the series in my review for the previous book. After reading this one I have to admit I am very envious of her imagination as well. Now in addition to creatures from the Bible, Qur'an, and Greek myths, vampires join the fray - and not the sparkling type either.

The book starts a little slow, but by the end I was not able to put it down and had to sacrifice some of my sleep time to finish reading. 4 well-deserved stars is the rating.