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The Illearth War

The Illearth War - Stephen R. Donaldson Thomas Covenant is summoned to the Land once again. The said Land is in great peril - once again, and everybody's favorite leper is the only hope the people have - once again. Everybody is bending backwards in attempts to please Thomas Covenant and he does his best to appear a complete jackass to everybody. This is being done before, nothing new here, move along.

The good news is that around half of the book it is told from another person's POV which means we do not read about Thomas Covenant being leper outcast unclean on every page; in fact I only encountered this particular description only twice in this book. The bad news is that this person is not very interesting - at least for me. It is also very hard to understand Covenant's motivations from that particular POV.

I like the beginning of the book; I was actually able to somewhat relate to Covenant's frustration and anger at being summoned. The middle - and the major - part of the book was really worth 2 stars with one situation which was completely disgusting for me. The High Lord Elena falls in love with Covenant who is her father who also raped her mother; she is aware of these facts. Nice one, Mr. Donaldson.

As I already mentioned, the whole idea of everybody doing their utmost to please Covenant who behaves the usual self does not sit well with me. I also need to mention his character has exactly zero development in the first two books. The end of the book redeemed itself when one of the characters FINALLY named real virtues of Covenant: selfish, mental leper and coward being just some of them. For me it was really worth reading the whole book just for this scene. The actual end of the book is fairly unexpected as well, which makes me want to read the last book of the trilogy. What can I say, the author really knows how to write good endings.