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Blood and Groom

Blood and Groom - Jill Edmondson Sasha Jackson recently became a PI specializing in small jobs like background checks, or spying upon cheating spouses. One day a woman came to her office asking to investigate a murder of her fiancé. The police investigation came to a standstill with her being the only person with any motive for the murder. This obviously is not good for the reputation, so she hires Sasha to investigate - she can only afford Sasha’s rates. Sasha, on the other hand, cannot afford to refuse the case: she is practically broke.

The first thing to mention about the book is that the cover looks much more macabre then the book content: it is fairly lighthearted. This is the first book of the series and I think the first book of the author and as such it is slightly rough around the edges; in particular it can use better editing. I already read the third book and can say that the quality improves.

Having said this, I also need to mention that the slight problems do not distract from the fact that the book is fun to read. I actually had to sacrifice some sleeping time to finish it. Sasha is an interesting character with some positive qualities, but I would not call her a very good person. The plot is fast moving and interesting with some twists in it.

4 stars is the final rating. I look forward to reading other books in the series.