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Dead Light District

Dead Light District - Jill Edmondson Sasha Jackson is asked to investigate a disappearance of a prostitute by the madam of a brothel. Sasha, being always broke cannot refuse the case and thus has to dive into an underground world of prostitution.

This is the weakest Sasha Jackson mystery so far. For starters, POV of the victim did not add anything to the plot, except for giving away part of the mystery in advance to the point that I would not call this book a mystery. Sasha herself behaves like a complete hypocrite. She calls herself open-minded, but she takes high moral ground when it comes to prostitution despite the fact that she used to work as a sex phone operator. I also had an impression that she spends the majority of her time drinking - and not just a single glass of wine (I take it she charges this on expenses with her client). She has a hangover every single morning as a result.

Despite what I said above, this is not a bad book. It is just that I expected more after reading the first and the third book in the series. The second one is still worth 3 star rating.