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Bats and Bones

Bats and Bones - Karen Musser Nortman Frannie and Larry Shoemaker are retired couple who went camping with their friends and relatives. They hoped for a long quiet weekend, but found themselves right in the middle of a murder investigation (they stumbled upon a dead body on a hiking trail), bad weather and other unpleasant things instead. Frannie found some clues to the crime by accident, so she happened to be one of the characters who finally were able to unravel the mystery.

Considering the price for this book on Amazon (it was practically free) this book worth much more. I really like the banter between Larry and his brother-in-law Mickey. The mystery was interesting and the plot intriguing enough. It was the author's first book and as such it has some weaknesses which can be easily overlooked if you consider the book's strengths.

The final rating is 3.5 stars rounded up for the solid first effort.