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Dead Until Dark

Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris A group read with my GR buddies.

Sookie Stackhouse has a disability - at least she thinks she has one. She can read minds and she always has to block this ability of hers to keep herself from going crazy from constant buzz of thoughts from everywhere. She also wants to meet a vampire, so when one finally walks into the bar she works as a waitress in, she literally jumps at him the way poor creature does not stand a chance.

For people who read Twilight I do not need to tell anything more as this most definitely was a book which heavily inspired Stephenie Meyer. I found two differences between the books. Sookie is more fleshed out than Bella Swan and unlike Twilight universe the vampires do not sparkle in this series; they glow.

This basically is the whole review. If you like Twilight this might be your cap of tea. If you did not there is still hope for you - as I mentioned Sookie is a fairly interesting character on her own. There is also a mystery in the book to keep things more exciting, but to be fair nobody bothered solving it. There were some half-hearted attempts at doing it, but I had a feeling nobody bothered to do it seriously, including the police and people whose lives were affected by it.

My own opinion: a decent book with nothing really outstanding. My rating is 2.5 stars rounded up: I do not want to penalize the book for not belonging to my favorite genre.

This review is a copy/paste of my LeafMarks one: https://www.leafmarks.com/lm/#/users/10968/books/18897/review