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The Wishsong of Shannara (Shannara, #3)

The Wishsong of Shannara (Shannara, #3) - Terry Brooks It is definitely not a sign of trouble when druid Allanon visits Ohmsford family; it is just a sigh that the end of the world is near. This time it is not an exception. An ancient (I mean: really ancient) evil raises its head in the Four Lands and Allanon alone cannot fight it. He needs help from Brin Ohmsford, a daughter of Wil Ohmsford from the previous book. Brin reluctantly leaves her brother Jair behind as she starts on a long and perilous journey with the druid.

What is really surprising about this book is that Jair's plot line is much more interesting than Brin's despite the fact that he is supposedly much safer in his village. His plot line also happened to take more than half of the book; he is thrust into practically non-stop action from the first pages - literally; while Brin's journey was relatively boring and filled with her self-doubt and attempts to double-guess Allanon. Jair also meets all kinds of interesting characters along the way while Brin's first encounter with one takes place sometime after the first two thirds of the book.

This is the best book of the trilogy; I already mentioned some very interesting characters, there were several plot twists I did not see coming, and this is probably the most tragic tale of the trilogy. A lot of people were put off by the first book and its resemblance of Tolkien's classic, but the quality of writing improves with each book as Terry Brooks finds his own voice. The final rating for the book and the whole series is 4 very solid stars.