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From the Two Rivers: The Eye of the World, Part 1

From the Two Rivers: The Eye of the World, Part 1 - Robert Jordan This book is exactly the first half of the first novel of the Wheel of Time series: The Eye of the World except with additional prolog; considering this fact I will only comment on the said prolog.

It is short - around 22 pages. The main idea can be expressed in just one sentence: Egwene carries water during village sheep shearing. She is only 9 year old here which means the future ta'veren boys are all 10 year old and Nynaeve is around 17 - she is an apprentice to the old Village Wisdom. While not much happens, there are still some interesting glimpses on The Two Rivers characters. We finally get to see Perrin's family and learn that Nynaeve was an orphan - I do not recall it being mentioned elsewhere explicitly.

If you want to hunt down every single Wheel of Time related piece Robert Jordan wrote, this would most probably be the last one you find. I also need to mention that the short story written by Brandon Sanderson in Unfettered anthology is not considered canonical. You do not need to search for the whole book, the prolog is available online. The rating comes from the one for The Eye of the World.

This review is a copy/paste of my BookLikes one: http://gene.booklikes.com/post/862580/a-quick-fix-for-people-suffering-from-wheel-of-time-withdrawal