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Salsa Invertebraxa

Salsa Invertebraxa - Mozchops 3.5 stars.

It is a graphic novel about the world of insects. The world is a nasty one with parasites, predators, etc. I am actually very happy that we - the humans - only see a small tip of the iceberg of this. To be more specific, the story is told in verse and is about a day of life of two insects, or creatures in all the gory details.

As far as illustrations, this book is easily rated 5+ stars: they are that good, even gorgeous. I thought about using a couple of them as a background on my desktop. I can name quite a few well-known graphic novels which look really pale and forgettable when it comes to the art drawings compared to this book. As far as the story goes, it is fairly simplistic, but good enough and serves its purpose.

A final verdict: read this book for illustrations if nothing else.