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The Changing Land

The Changing Land - Roger Zelazny The book picks up practically where the first one left, but its structure is quite different. While the first one consists of the interconnected short stories this one is a novel.

Dilvish - who still wants to have his revenge on Jelerak - travels to one of the remaining stronghold of the latter - Castle Timeless. This place happens to be a home of a demi-god named Tualua whom Jelerak used as a source of his vast magic power. Tualua went crazy (normal seasonal change for him, see Zoidberg as an example)
and now the land around the caste constantly changes from lava to tundra, from grassy plains to high mountains, and so on - thus the Changing Land. Everybody and their brother with even the small spark of magic ability decided it is a good time to wrestle the control of Tualua from Jelerak, so the crowd of people rushing across the changing land practically trampled Dilvish. Fun ensures.

I would really like to mention a very humorous part of the book. We all know the basic of demon summoning, right? Draw a pentagram, perform some ritual, call the demon's name; he appears ready to do whatever the caller wishes. Sounds simple?
The only danger is to make sure the pronunciation of the name is correct. The name of one of the demons in the book was Melbriniononsadsazzersteldregandishfeltselior. How often do you think he gets summoned?

Another curious notable thing: there are places where you can see some common themes with author's excellent Amber series, but this novel is closer to classic sword and sorcery style. I always say Zelazny's imagination ran wild in his writings and this time is no exception. He really brings the mysterious castle and bizarre lands around it to life. The rating is 4 very solid stars.