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Kalorama Shakedown

Kalorama Shakedown - Robert Bruce Stewart The time: early twenties; Harry Reeves, the insurance investigator comes to Washington to investigate a string of jewelry thefts. He has to dive deeply into the lives of politicians, lobbyists, and other people related to Big Politics. It does not help any that his wife Emmie comes along.

Speaking about his wife, I could not help recalling the old classic sitcom I Love Lucy. Remember Lucy always tried to get in a show with Ricky? Well, Ricky had it easy; Emmie makes Lucy look like an amateur in trying to get what she wants, in her case it is to be in the center of an investigation, preferably with dead bodies. Poor Harry has to always keep an eye on his wife during his investigations as she uses highly unconventional and sometimes borderline illegal methods in getting to the bottom of the mystery.

A quote kept coming to my mind while I was reading, "War. War never changes". In this case it should be changed to "Politicians. Politicians never change". As I mentioned the book takes place in early twenties shortly before the Great Depression. The way politicians act has not change at all, in fact they used to be more open about their own corruption - at least nowadays corruption is frowned upon and poor elected representatives in DC sometimes have to go to great lengths to create an impression of hiding it.

The style of the book reminded me of [a:P.G. Wodehouse|7963|P.G. Wodehouse|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1198684105p2/7963.jpg]; while I rarely laughed out loud, I chuckled a lot while reading. Emmie gets into a lot of absurdly strange situations, and Harry is not immune to them either, even when he is free from his wife's influence. Something else needs to be mentioned: somewhere by the middle of the book I got the impression that the mystery is solved. It was not, there was a plot twist coming which I did not see until it practically hit me in the face.

With this book deserving 4 very solid stars, I will definitely check out the rest of the series.