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Load the Boat

Load the Boat - Rosalee Richland The final rating for the book is 3.5 stars.

Darla King accepted a job of a square dance caller on a cruise hoping to get some much-needed rest and fun. Instead it turned out to be the hard work (at least, it was my impression) and several seemingly unrelated strange incidents each one is more serious than the previous one. Darla could not stay out of trouble and decided to do some investigation.

Speaking about the strengths of the book, it really made me wish to go on a cruise - does not matter which one. Everything related to Darla's cruise is really good. I really do not care about square dancing, but the book made me interested in it - not enough to take it, but still. I now know the names of some of the moves as well as what exactly caller does during the dance.

Speaking of weaknesses, it takes practically half of the book for the things to settle in places and get interesting. I would not call the first half of the book boring, but rather slow. All in all, this is a good cozy mystery worth 3.5 stars rounded up for all the related information not the least of this is the following: do not take a job of a square dance caller on a cruise hoping to have a good vacation, you will not get any.