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A Night in the Lonesome October

A Night in the Lonesome October - Gahan Wilson, James Warhola, Roger Zelazny

Half of the fun in most of Zelazny's books is to figure out what is going on. For this reason I have to be as obscure as possible. Imagine Jack the Ripper, Sherlock Holmes, Count Dracula, Dr. Frankenstein, Rasputin, Larry Talbot (if you do not know who he is, I am not giving a spoiler), and some other well-known and interesting characters gather in one place waiting for the Halloween night when they are supposed to do something. The tale is told from a dog's POV who for some reason reminds me of following:


Are you confused? Sorry, this is the best I can do. If you are really lost everything will be explained later in the book.

The tale is fairly lighthearted with quite a few jokes and puns, but when you stop to think about it, the plot is actually quite spooky. It takes a real master writer of Zelazny's caliber to make it work - and it does work, even when it seemingly goes over the top. The author pays homage to the creators of all of the characters I mentioned above as well as Poe, Bradbury, and Lovecraft (Cthulhu makes a brief appearance as well); I am sure I missed somebody.

This is my first time I read the novel. After finishing it left me wondering, why the heck have not I read it earlier - several times. After the initial confusion there came a moment when I realized I really do not want to put the book down. Fortunately, Zelazny was also the master of cramping a lot of thoughts and plot movements into a very limited number of pages, so I still had several hours of much needed sleep left when I finished reading - going to bed before that was totally out of question.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a spooky Halloween read, look no further.

Grumpy Halloween

Heck, if you are looking just for any good read, look no further as well. Just read the book. This is my second October when I read this one; it looks like the book becomes my traditional Halloween treat.