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Always a Cold Deck

Always a Cold Deck  - Robert Bruce Stewart Meet Harry Reese, the guy who has a very boring work: he is an independent insurance investigator; only it is never boring with him doing the investigations. The moment his future wife joins the said investigations promptly move from lighthearted (the guy does not take himself seriously) to absurdly funny as her enthusiasm in joining the fun and crazy unconventional schemes to get the results often lends them both in very unusual situations - think Lucy Ricardo from the old I Love Lucy sitcom and her desire to be in the show.

This time Harry - a resident of Brooklyn - is sent to Buffalo to investigate a fire that destroyed a grain elevator - insured for a large sum of money, obviously. During his investigations he stumbles upon missing people, seemingly dead people, smugglers, and his future wife.

The first thing to say about the book is it is very easy read. The writing style made it so with no clumsy or heavy sentence structure. The fast-moving plot helps as well. The mystery part is quite good, the humor part is well done, but I would not mind for it to be present in a greater degree. Having read two next books of the series I can say that the second one has better mystery and the third has much better humor, but this book makes a nice job of introducing the new characters and setting up their relationships. Sufficient to say I was never bored while reading it.

As I already mentioned this is the first book of the series and as such has some minor rough edges which can be easily overlooked considering that the series improve as they go along. It is available for free from several places including Amazon.

The final rating would be 3.5 stars rounded up for being the author's first published work and the fact that it successfully accomplished the main goal of the first book of a mystery series: character introduction and making its readers interested in them.

This review is a copy/paste of my BookLikes one: http://gene.booklikes.com/post/934514/a-first-book-of-lighthearted-humorous-mystery-series-set-in-the-beginning-of-20th-century