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Lilac Avenue

Lilac Avenue - Pamela Grandstaff First things first: I need to mention I received this book from Goodreads giveaways. If you like romance and/or chick-lit genres, add one more star to my rating.

Claire Fitzpatrick came back to her hometown Rose Hill from Hollywood where she used to have a soul-killing job with good money. Rose Hill is a small town, the kind where everybody knows everybody, privacy is non-existent, and gossip travels faster than the speed of light - by the way, modern physicists think nothing can move faster than that; I suggest looking into this phenomenon for a counterexample.

For a little while Claire had a temporary job in a local beauty parlor, but one of her client turned up dead under suspicious circumstances and her old Hollywood demons began catching up with her at the same time. She and Police Chief Scott Gordon start looking into the recent death, but their investigation is hampered by their personal lives, corruption, political power plays, and different law enforcement people fighting to get a piece of pie.

I need to explain my rating: the book is good, but not what I expected of it. The mystery part was good, but it was fairly obvious who the culprit was by the end of the first third of the book. The rest of it was spent by Clair's preparation for Scott and Maggie (his fiancée) wedding. The problem with the wedding was that all the people involved decided to make it as complex as possible with Maggie creating a lion's share of complications. If you read a romance novel, it is a fairly typical situation.

In the conclusion I would like to repeat that the book is good despite my low rating and it definitely deserves one more star if you like romances.