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Peete and Repeat

Peete and Repeat - Karen Musser Nortman First of all I need to note that I would not go camping with Shoemaker couple even if I would be paid to do so: they attract crime like light attract butterflies. Having said so, I now can proceed with the plot description.

Frannie Shoemaker and Co. go camping to southeastern Minnesota this time. Frannie's curiosity makes her seen seemingly ordinary things in the new light - as usual. Things like fellow campers behaving a little strange, grim trailer in dire need of repairs, abandoned spooky power plant - she wants to get to the bottom of these all. To be quite honest, the power plant would rouse my curiosity as well. As I already mentioned, a crime soon followed Frannie.

This is the third book in the series, and I am happy to say that the writing quality improves with each book to the point that I feel it is a little unfair to give this book the same rating as the first one. Do not get me wrong, the first book was good, but this one is better. If you think you know what is coming after you finish the prolog, I can assure you that your guess is wrong; at least I did not see what was really coming.

The characters are better defined now, especially Larry - Frannie husband - who is a retired cop. He now really acts professionally during the crime investigation. Frannie remains the main and most interesting character. She tries to keep away from the investigation, but worry not: she will the in there up to her ears before she knows it.

I also need to mention that the camping tips from the first two books are still here and are still good, as usual. The final verdict is four solid stars; I eagerly await the next book of the series.