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March (Book One)

March (Book One) - Andrew Aydin, Nate Powell, John Robert Lewis This is an autobiography of US Congressman John Lewis who was a leader of the Civil Rights movement and one of the key figures in the struggle to end segregation. In this book we see his life starting from humble beginning at an Alabama farm to just before 1963 March on Washington.

This is the first time I read an autobiography in a graphic novel format. In this particular instance it worked. I have to admit I am not very familiar with US history of that period. The only two names of the people mentioned in the comic I knew before are Dr. Martin Luther Kind, Jr. and Rosa Parks. I learned quite a lot: from the names of prominent figures of the Movement to actual protests and civil disobedience: marches, sit-ins, Montgomery bus boycott, and others.

I also found a new respect for Movement's people. For this and for just being an interesting book the graphic novel deserves solid 4 stars.

This review is a copy/paste of my BookLikes one: http://gene.booklikes.com/post/899094/an-autobiography-in-a-graphic-novel-format-in-this-case-it-works