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The Case of the Lucky Legs

The Case of the Lucky Legs - Erle Stanley Gardner For those young enough not to remember the show, this is what Perry Mason - the main hero of the series - looks like according to the show named after him:
Perry Mason
Basically he is the guy a good lawyer should be: he always sticks to his client no matter what, even if the client in question lies to him, or even tries to frame the lawyer (it did happen quite often). He also almost always wins his cases. I also need to mention nobody would even accuse his cases to be straightforward: they are anything but.

So this time a wealthy businessman (for all of his positive sides Perry Mason is never shy when he charges his clients; the sums of money look big enough even now and we are talking about early thirties of the previous century) from a province came to him trying to bring a crook to justice. The crook managed to make a good money from quite a few people practically framing a young girl - the one with "the lucky legs" - whom the businessman happened to be in love with. The girl is ashamed of getting back from LA and as a side job Perry Mason is to find her and convince to come home.

Does this sound simple? As always everything becomes very complicated the moment Perry Mason comes into picture. Not only he managed to find a dead body, he also had to mess up with the crime scene evidence to protect his client. Fear not, he always gets a bad guy/girl in the end and this time is not an exception. Does it sound like a spoiler? Sorry if it does.

I mentioned about Perry Mason's investigations always being very complicated with a lot of unexpected plot twists; this time is not an exception. This is the third book of the series and as such it is still a little rough with author not quite getting into the groove and quite a few regular interesting characters missing.

The final rating would be 3.5 stars which I round up because of a quite unexpected plot twist at the end: slightly rough but still good.