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The Butterfly Artist

The Butterfly Artist - Forrest Aguirre Time: post-apocalyptic future; place: Africa; hero: Chadwick Giles. Our hero just arrived to African continent from the other survived part of the world. He is an assistant to a famous entomologist who came to the continent to collect and classify butterflies. Sounds completely harmless, right? Not for Giles who meets a mysterious woman, a religious cult, mutant rebels, and colonial authorities - in that order. After this things become weird.

The general mood of the book can be described as collaboration between Edgar Rice Burroughs and H.P. Lovecraft, up until the last part where it became distinctly Forrest Aguirre's voice which in this case can be loosely described as weird fantasy. The writing quality is good and I was impressed with his ability to give a very good picture of the world which feels truly alive in just one page. This is a short story, but it does not feel short with a lot of things happening and without feeling of being rushed. This story is freely available from Smashwords, so if you are curious you can get it there.

Very good writing quality and storytelling deserve 4 solid stars. I look forward to read the other works of the author.

This review is a copy/paste of my BookLikes one: http://gene.booklikes.com/post/903914/edgar-rice-burroughs-meets-h-p-lovecraft