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Playback - Raymond Chandler Philip Marlowe is given a task of tailing a woman by a prominent lawyer. The job is so easy Marlowe begins to wonder who the woman is and why the tailing was necessary at all. This is the whole mystery in the book. If you do not want huge spoilers, do not read the book's blurb as it gives away the only mystery element present.

The only redeeming quality of the book is its length: it is the shortest novel of the series. As I mentioned before the mystery part is practically non-existent, nothing worthy of notice happened and Marlowe was too busy sleeping with different women to do any kind of investigation. I wonder what would happen to the plot if his assignment was to put a tail on an ugly guy instead of a gorgeous woman.

This is not a good end of the series and this is by far the worst Marlowe novel. It also has a typical super sweet Hollywood-type ending very uncommon for noir genre. I really need to stop here and search Google for the bitterest edible substance to get rid of the syrupy sweet taste of ending in my mouth.

This review is a copy/pater of my BookLikes one: http://gene.booklikes.com/post/932863/the-last-philip-marlowe-novel-really-does-not-deserve-this-title