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The Birth of M.E. Meegs

The Birth of M.E. Meegs - Robert Bruce Stewart Chronologically this story follows Humbug on the Hudson short story from Harry Reese series which in turn follows Always a Cold Deck novel. In this story Harry's wife Emmie takes on a leading role for the first time. Reese family has some financial problems due to Harry not being able to find a work; Emmie's gambling did not help the situation. Latter, who always dreamed of becoming a writer takes on a job to write some small stories for obscure British publications.

Fortunately for her, Emmie has a wild imagination and is never afraid of bending the truth, or inventing it. Her stories get published; the payoff is not that great - but it is a beginning. Suddenly a dead man is found with a clipping of her story in his pocket. Emmie cannot resist starting her own investigation.

This short story is short; sorry for a bad pun. It is really nice to have Emmie as a main character of a new series as it is never boring with her around as Harry Reese stories showed us. It is also fun to read. Its length was the main reason for the rating as I would really like to stick around with the heroine more and see what she is up to.

The beginning of a new series promise to be as fun as Harry Reese mysteries. The next book is on my to-read shelf.

This review is a copy/paste of my BookLikes one: http://gene.booklikes.com/post/937219/a-short-story-which-happens-to-be-the-first-one-in-the-series-about-harry-reese-s-wife-emmie