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Magic Strikes

Magic Strikes -  Ilona Andrews Buddy read with Armina, Eilonwy, and Asya.

Kate Daniels, a former member of Mercenary Guild which deals with supernatural troublemakers now works in Order of Merciful Aid - these guys basically do the same job, but only charge what you can afford and the final result might not be pretty because of their beliefs (kind of like modern Crusaders). Somebody started killing shape-shifters of Atlanta and at the same time her friend who also happened to be a werewolf got into a trouble; obviously Kate could not stay away from poking her nose where it did not belong. Before long she stumbled upon a citywide conspiracy, extremely pissed-of Curran (for those new to the series the guy is the head of shape-shifters of Atlanta and is as alpha as they come) and a lot of beings trying to kill her among others who happened to be in their way.

If you like the first two books I am happy to say that this one is better. Kate finally acts as a normal human being and not as a bitch from the previous book. Once again the monsters the good guys fight are not of the regular fantasy stock. The action is plentiful and is somewhat believable - meaning there was no deux machina, no hidden powers never used before to help heroes in a tight spot, just their skills and the raw power. We also get to meet new interesting characters and revisit the old ones which do develop.

The humor was present as well with a couple of episodes being outright funny (wait until you read the last couple of lines). The romance part was present, but it never got in the way of the plot - I am really impressed with this in the third book in a row. The origins of Kate are finally revealed as well as those of Saiman and even Doolittle - you guessed it right, the latter is a doctor.

The rating is solid 4 stars without any argument.

This review is a copy/paste of my BookLikes one: http://gene.booklikes.com/post/976239/the-best-of-the-series-so-far