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The Xibalba Murders

The Xibalba Murders - Lyn Hamilton I need to mention I received this book from GoodReads giveaways.

A Canadian store owner Lara McClintoch is recently divorced. It seems to me lately having a main heroine suffering from a bitter divorce, but always finding tall, dark, and handsome guy (or looking for him really hard) is a necessary part of the book to be qualified as cozy mystery. I have a really hard time trying to picture Miss Marple searching for the Right Guy, but it did not prevent her from becoming one of the most famous female sleuths, by the way.

Anyway, Lara receives a mysterious phone call from her Mexican friend who happened to be an archeologist. He hints he is on a hot trail of something and invites her to come to a Mexican town full of Mayan history to help him in the search. The moment she arrives the dead bodies start popping up left and right along with local politics, terrorists, and handsome guys. Lara is the only one who has all the clues to the goings-on, but she does not realize it.

I will start with the good part. The plot was interesting with enough unexpected twists. The info dumps on Mayan culture were short and to the point; I liked them a lot and I learned from them a lot. Indiana Jones taught us archeology can be very exciting, this book only confirms it. I found myself saying, "It belongs to the museum!" a lot. So why did I give it such a low rating?

I have a big problem with main heroine. Dear Lara, it is not you, it is me. We started on the wrong foot. One of the first things you said put me off: "Nothing is more tiring than sitting in an airport and a later a plane". How is about any physical labor? Lara is stupid as a log - there is no other more polite way to say it. You might believe Darwin Evolution Theory, or you might not - the point being it most definitely does not work in Lara's case. There is no way she could survive being this stupid up to her current age. She trusts exactly the wrong people, does not trust the right ones and makes the worst possible decisions at the moment all the time without fail. Her character easily cancels everything else what was good in the book.

Fortunately there is some - albeit small in my eyes - hope for her as she finally realized her stupidity around ten pages before the end of the book. For this reason I am curious to see her in the next adventure which I will read soon.

This review is a copy/paste of my BookLikes one: gene.booklikes.com/post/1001888/a-very-good-book-with-extremely-stupid-main-character