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Gunmetal Magic

Gunmetal Magic -  Ilona Andrews Buddy read with Armina, Eilonwy, Asya, and Monty Cupcake.

We might not notice it in everyday life or just forgot it, but the modern word processing tools are very powerful. One of the things you can do with practically any one of them is search and replace of all occurrences of a word. Let us test this feature. Take this book, replace all "Andrea" by "Kate", "Raphael" by "Curran", and "gun" by "Slayer". Lo and behold, we now have completely different book called [b:Magic Bleeds|6479550|Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels, #4)|Ilona Andrews|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1407110429s/6479550.jpg|6670775]. A couple of people in love with each other suffer from their inability to communicate with each other, but they still have to work together to prevent a magical menace to destroy the Pack shape-shifters. We have angst, plenty of angst.

I am not kidding about the resemblance. The book starts with Andrea recalling her childhood abuses (she does it so many times it stopped being tragic and became boring). She then does some bad-ass rescue of her neighbor. After she is called as an independent investigator to help with a Pack trouble it is all goes downhill from that point.

Andrea/Raphael dynamic strongly resemble that of Kate/Curran in the book I mentioned, except that both people of the first couple lost their interesting personalities from the main series and became pale shadows of the second couple. In Raphael case he just became a jerk. Andrea is more complicated.

Andrea wants to prove she is a bad-ass (to herself, I presume). To do so she runs around breaking all kinds of Pack laws. She only gets away with it because her friend happens to be the mate of the King of the Jungle, I mean the Pack leader. Andrea's attitude would get a quick adjustment if this would not be the case as the Pack promptly deals with insubordination.

The only good parts of the books were secondary characters: Ascanio, Barabas, and Roman. The latter really shines and steals all the scenes he is in, but unfortunately he does not have enough screen time to make much difference. Still the combined efforts of these guys are enough to keep the rating from dropping all the way to 2 stars; it is 3 stars, but very weak 3 stars.

This review is a copy/paste of my Leafmarks one: https://www.leafmarks.com/lm/#/users/10968/books/33867/review