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Not Quite Dead Enough

Not Quite Dead Enough - Rex Stout, John Lutz This book consists of two novellas both of which take place during the World War II.

Not Quite Dead Enough. Major Archie Goodwin (you did not think he would stay away from the war, did you?) comes to New York to convince his boss to join military counter-intelligence. He found what can be best described as Nero Wolfe Goes to War. The whole idea of this and Archie's POV are very funny; they were the major deciding factor for the rating. Eventually the crime is committed and it is up to the Dynamic Duo to solve it.

Booby Trap. The technologies from companies that turned to the army are being sold to competitors and the main suspect seems to committed suicide (yeah, right!). Nero Wolfe to the rescue!!!

As a whole this book is weaker than an average Nero Wolfe mystery. The trap set by Nero Wolfe in the second story seems to be contrived and I see no reason it would work in real life. The resolution of both stories seems to be way too simple after of the buildup.

I already mentioned the comic situation in the first novella which helped to raise the rating. Another reason was some very interesting personal information about recurring characters given here. For example, I think this is the only time we learn Inspector Cramer has a son.

The resulting rating is (fairly weak) 4 stars.

This review is a copy/paste of my LeafMarks one: https://www.leafmarks.com/lm/#/users/10968/books/144468/review