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Trouble in Triplicate

Trouble in Triplicate - Rex Stout, Randy Russell This is a compilation of three Nero Wolfe novellas:

Before I Die. A well-known New York gangster asked Nero Wolfe to help him with a blackmail problem which cannot be solved by conventional gangster methods. Archie is dead set on refusing to take case (this has got to be the first time), but there is a severe meat shortage in US and Nero Wolfe do not consider a meal without meat as such. He accepts the offer in exchange for a nice chunk of beef - in addition to his regular fees.

This is probably the closest a Nero Wolfe story came to noir. A gangster's life is full of peril and this time is no exception. There are unusually high numbers of gunfights and dead bodies for the series, especially considering the novella's length.

Help Wanted, Male. A guy who helped Nero Wolfe discover an intelligence leak during the wartime came to the detective again: somebody sent him a life threatening letter. Nero Wolfe refuses to help and as a result the guy is dead. Shortly after Wolfe himself receives the same letter. Now for him it is personal. This is probably the funniest novella of the collection.

Instead of Evidence. A businessman seemingly plans to kill his partner and the latter came to Wolfe: not for help, but to make sure somebody exposes his murderer in case the murder will take place. The fee seems to be good for doing nothing except just informing the police about the suspicion, so Wolfe accepts. Unfortunately it turns out he has to earn the money the hard way - by actually doing his job of detecting.

The collection is the usual Nero Wolfe goodness, especially interesting by the fact that it shows the great detective's work during the World War II and right after it (the last novella). The rating is the usual for the series: 4 stars.

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