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Curtains for Three

Curtains for Three - Rex Stout, Judith Kelman This anthology consists of three novellas:

The Gun With Wings. An opera singer with injured throat seemingly shot himself. The police is convinced it is a suicide, but a couple of lovers know one fact which turns this into a murder. The problem is they are not sure about each other's innocence. They hire Nero Wolfe to find the killer.

This novel is very notable for the fact that the murder weapon was very busy travelling places seemingly all by itself without any outside help, thus the title. This made for a very nice and intriguing mystery.

Bullet for One. A man liked riding his horse every morning. One day the horse came back without its rider who was found dead along the trail. The suspicion is centered on a group of people who are obviously not very happy about it, so Nero Wolfe has to do the work which police is unable to.

It turns out, Archie Goodwin does not like horses (a new fact) and the police does not like Archie Goodwin (there is nothing new about it). The latter dislike is reinforced by Archie's wisecracks related to mounted police forces.

Disguise for Murder. A big crowd gathered in Nero Wolfe's house with the goal to admire his orchids collection. Archie Goodwin, being Archie Goodwin took upon himself to entertain the most attractive woman of the crowd. She makes a small talk with him telling the typical things: she is a crook working on parting a rich woman with her money, her only friend was strangled and she was the only one who saw the killer, and finally she saw the same killer today among the guests and is afraid she would be killed. OK so this is not a typical small talk after all.

To make a long story short, the woman is killed right in Nero Wolfe's house before she revealed the identity of the villain. Now it is personal for him and Archie. They biggest friend/enemy Inspector Cramer did it doubly so by sealing off their office where Nero Wolfe spends the majority of his time.

To finally catch the killer Nero Wolfe devises a scheme which puts Archie Goodwin into a really dangerous situation. The latter actually volunteers being pissed off at overlooking the murder which happened right under his nose. Archie shows he can keep his wits in tight situations.

This is the first time I read these novellas. They are quite on the level with the rest of the series with good mysteries and even better Archie's witticisms. The rating is 4 stars; usual for a book of the series.

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