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Three Doors to Death

Three Doors to Death - Rex Stout, Jonathan Kellerman The book consists of three novellas:

Man Alive. A brilliant fashion designer committed suicide in a very bizarre fashion. His niece came to Nero Wolfe asking for help. Initially Archie Goodwin thought it would be typical - for them - investigation where they would have to prove in was a murder and find the guilty party, but it turned out to be not the case at all. I will not spoil it, but there will be murders.

Omit Flowers. Nero Wolfe's friend and compatriot Marko Vukcic asked the detective to help a former great chef Virgil Pompa who is a prime and only suspect of a murder. Pompa used to be without equals when it comes to making sauces, but he committed the ultimate sin and went to fast food industry. Still Marko Vukcic feels he owes his former mentor, so Nero Wolfe take the case and he refuses to get paid for it! If you ever wondered about Archie's abilities as a detective, this episode makes him shine.

Door to Death. Another freebie from Nero Wolfe. I start the plot description of most of Nero Wolfe books with the financial troubles of the great detective who finds a wealthy person in trouble, offers his services, and charges outrageous fee for the troubles. Not this time. His gardener Theodore went to visit his mother who had serious health problems, so Nero Wolfe need somebody to take care of his orchids. Only the best one will do. He finally found the right guy, but the latter turned out to be the suspect of a murder. The great detective really needs his services, so he set up to clear the name of his potential employee.

I already mentioned the interesting part about the novellas: Nero Wolfe works for free in two of them and he does as good of a job as when he does get paid. In the second episode Archie also gets his own two minutes of fame with his brilliant stroke of intuition - this is in addition to his ever-present trademarked wisecracking.

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