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Red Rising

Red Rising - Pierce Brown Group read with Fantasy Buddy Reads

In yet another dystopian future we are transported to Mars where miners live inside of the planet and are promised bright future once the terraforming of the planet is complete. Their work is essential, so the punishment for disobedience is death in most cases. The MC is called Darrow; his wife just committed one such punishable act which made Darrow rethink his life. I need to stop at this point as everything else I add would give away big spoilers.

I will start with my biggest problem. I could not help having a feel of "being there, done that" during my reading. There is nothing really original about any part of the book. To give an example I found a scene which was practically verbatim repetition of Harry Potter's sorting hat of the first book of the series. Later on the book became a Hunger Games copy which in turn is a retelling of Battle Royale. To continue the analogy, the book is told in present tense, just like Hunger Games. My personal nitpick: what is wrong with past tense which was used since the dawn of times to tell a story?

Another problem I had is very slow development. In my case it took exactly 70% of the book before it became really interesting. I am usually not that patient with my reads and DNF slow books much earlier, but in this case a lot of people kept telling me it will get better so I kept reading.

My last problem is that I really could not connect to Darrow: he is a good guy supposedly, but I was unclear about his intentions for the better part of the book. To be fair to the guy I think he was unclear on them himself.

Despite my criticism there were some good bits which kept me from being bored and once the novel became interesting, it really was interesting even though it happened much too late. 3 stars.

This review is a copy/paste of my LeafMarks one: https://www.leafmarks.com/lm/#/users/10968/books/12002/review