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Gone Girl

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn A buddy read with Patty.

You all heard the beginning of this story before. A happily married couple of successful journalists live in New York. Times changes and both Nick and Amy lost their jobs. They cannot afford their apartment anymore and on the top of it Nick's mother is about to die. They do not even have a choice but to move to Nick's hometown in Missouri. Amy, a native NYC girl, seems to be not exactly crazy about the idea, but she tries to cope to the best of her ability.

The couple finally seems to adjust to live in province, but suddenly right on the day of their marriage anniversary Amy vanishes under suspicious circumstances. Practically the whole book is about this mystery and reaction of different characters to investigation developments. We have POVs of both Nick and Amy (thanks to her diary entries), but they are both unreliable narrators.

There are several very unexpected plot twists which kept the plot from becoming stale and boring. I also found the depiction of media manipulation to make public believe in a person's guilt without any proof whatsoever disturbing and unfortunately somewhat realistic.

The only reason for 4 stars in the rating as opposed to all-perfect 5 was the last 10 pages or so. For the fear of giving away too much, let us just say some of the characters behave completely unexpectedly and unconvincingly. To be fair, I really cannot think of a more proper ending. So 4 very solid stars it is.

My very special thanks go to Patty for keeping my read highly entertaining with interesting discussions.

This review is a copy/paste of my LeafMarks one: https://www.leafmarks.com/lm/#/users/10968/books/10480/review