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Triple Jeopardy

Triple Jeopardy - Rex Stout The anthology consists of three novellas:

Home to Roost. McCarthyism rears its ugly head again. A man who was a suspected communist and suspected undercover FBI agent in the Communist Party of US was poisoned in a restaurant and now both FBI and the police keep the investigations under tight wraps, so only Nero Wolfe can shed some light on the murder.

The ending is good and fairly unexpected. Can anybody see it before Nero Wolfe gives the explanation?

Cop Killer. A couple of undocumented refugees came to Nero Wolfe to ask for advice. Archie Goodwin learns they are primary suspects in the murder of a cop too late to just let them go. He also involves Nero Wolfe in their fate.

This one features great interactions between Archie Goodwin and everybody else including the police and Nero Wolfe. The latter also got a chance to recall he also came to US from a Communist country.

The Squirt and the Monkey. Usually it takes Archie Goodwin non-too-gentle push for Nero Wolfe to take a case. This time the latter took one against Archie's best judgment. A famous comic artist has his unregistered gun stolen, so he wants for Archie to provide his own gun as a substitute to surprise a thief. A murder promptly follows.

As far as detective sidekicks go, Archie Goodwin is very bright: in the intellectual department he easily surpasses Dr. Watson, or Captain Hastings. Still in one of the earlier novellas an ape was almost able to outwit him, and this time it took just a monkey to do the same. When it comes primates the poor guy has really rotten luck when it comes primates - excluding humans.

I have never read a Nero Wolfe book which I rated with less than 4 stars, and this one is not an exception. 4 stars it is.