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Fossiloctopus - Forrest Aguirre This is a collection of eleven short stories. Their lengths vary from literally several lines as in the case with the title story to around twenty pages. "Weird" would be the best and probably the only possible description of them. By looking at the book's blurb I found a very good description of the whole collection: each story is about an object - seemingly normal or outright exotic - with a story attached to it. A weird story.

The whole book feels like a museum of curiosities. Even when the story tells about something as banal and commonly-used as a key it always turns out there are stories attached to them - each one stranger than the previous. It would be impossible to give a plot of any of the story in the collection; this is needs to be experiences and not described.

Despite everything I said before, some of the stories hit too close to home to be really called to be "out there". You can always see glimpses of our read world through the prism of strangeness. This is a fast and fascinating, but not always easy read. The rating comes to something between 3.5 and 4 stars, but it is still closer to 4, so this is what I rate it.