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The Case of the Killer Divorce (A Jamie Quinn Mystery)

The Case of the Killer Divorce (A Jamie Quinn Mystery) - Barbara Venkataraman Jamie Quinn is a divorce lawyer who finally was able to come back to her practice after the events in the first book. Her current case: a typical divorce. A husband and a wife have bitter feud which resulted in divorce which left the wife with a lover, two daughters and a house while the husband gets to pay alimony and see his daughters every Friday. The wife thinks once a week time with his daughters is too much for her ex and continues the legal battle, but fortunately for her the guy was nice enough to drop dead. Unfortunately for her, she is the prime suspect.
Jamie became tangled in the mystery. She also received a first clue about the identity of her father she never knew. She now has two mysteries on her hands.

The old gang of the first books is back. The infamous PI Duke Broussard still has some amusing lines to say. However this installment is much more serious than the previous one with practically all the humor gone. On the positive side, Jamie gets nice development as a character and we learn quite a lot about her origins at the same time she does.

I rate this book slightly lower than the first one due to aforementioned lack of humor which worked nicely to lighten the serious mood. It is still fast and entertaining read, 3.5 stars