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The Eyre Affair

The Eyre Affair  - Jasper Fforde Buddy read with Jessica, Robin, Catherine, Kristi, Asya and Tanya. I apologize if I missed somebody; in case I did please let me know and I will add you.

The book version of mid-eighties England is a fine dystopian society. The literature is a very serious business, time travel is nothing of the ordinary which comes with all the fun and paradoxes and cloning works wonders making people's favorite pets out of these guys:
The heroine Thursday Next is a special operative working for literary detection dealing with such heinous crimes as forging of a poem of a classic, theft of highly valued original manuscripts, and copyright violations.

What started as fairly unremarkable theft of an original Dickens manuscript turned out to be a work of a criminal mastermind (who reminded me of a cross between Lord Voldemort and Dr. Evil from Austin Powers movies) who will stop at nothing to show the world how evil he is. I will give a hint: when it comes to being evil, he makes Darth Vader look like a daycare thug. Thursday soon learns that "Lost in a good book" is more than just a nice saying:
Lost in a Good Book

The only reason I rated this book with 3 stars instead of 2 is the discussion with my buddy readers which turned out to be great fun. There were some amusing parts and references with I would miss had I read this book by my lonely self.

As I mentioned there were enough amusing moments in the book to qualify it as belonging to humor genre. Unfortunately it was not my type of humor. I always found myself unable to laugh at the situations where innocent bystanders are getting killed in amusing ways by the villains while the noble heroes are protected by the plot armor. It is all fun and games unless you happened to be that bystander.

I found the character of Thursday Next to be quite shallow. I learned that she suffers from PSD: she is a veteran of Crimea War - in the book England is still at war with Russia over Crimea which took place between 1853 and 1856 in reality. Ask me to name something else about Thursday and I will be at complete loss.

I mentioned amusing moments. They are unfortunately not too noticeable between author's self-admiration of how clever his writing is and countless uses of deux ex machina. The latter was used so freely and often that I could not see the point of the novel until the second half of it.

I do admit that some of the complaints I made are related to the fact that this is not my kind of book and I understand people who gave it 5 stars. I also admit that I have not read Jane Eyre (please don't hurt me!) and this fact also diminished my enjoyment of it. At least it made me read the plot summary of the classic I mentioned. This is a good thing, right? Right?

In the conclusion I would like to thank my buddy readers who made the read much more pleasant experience. Thank you!!!