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VIcious - Victoria Schwab, Victoria Schwab Let us talk about superheroes with superpowers. I do not mean this kind of superheroes:

Imagine this guy with superpowers:
Joffrey Baratheon
Now this is the kind of "superheroes" I am talking about. Two roommates who also happened to be jerks and thus misfits have some strange friendship/competition going on between them. This competition makes one of them to take up seemingly impossible science project: superpowers - whether they exist and if so where they come from. To their complete surprise they came up with some positive observations. They decided to put their results to practical tests only to have a series of huge disasters on their hands.

Let me start with the weaknesses of the book. I was not exactly honest when I compared the main heroes with Joffrey Baratheon. Everybody loves to hate the latter, but as to practically every character of the book I really could not care less about them. One person had a potential, but that person was killed early in story.

Every other chapter in the book is a flashback to previous events. While in the beginning it works fine and adds to the mystery, by the last part of the story when the past was more of less clear and present events finally began moving really fast these flashbacks became a major source of annoyance which brought fast action scenes to a screeching halt.

Despite all the problems the book was fast read with strangely satisfying conclusion which brings the rating up to 3 stars.