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Space Cadet

Space Cadet - Robert A. Heinlein In the fairly distant future a teen named Matt Dodson applied for an organization called Space Patrol - the future versions of knights in shining armor that uphold peace and justice through the known space.
knight in shining armor
The competition is fierce and only the best and the brightest get in; even the cadets are not guaranteed to get promoted to an officer rank.

We are talking early Heinlien's juveniles here, so I do not think I give a big spoiler when I say that not only Matt succeeded, but he also managed to save a day together with his cadet friends. Once again Space Patrol remained true to its principals.

When I was reading the book I could not help recalling Ender's Game. Take this well-known book, remove all edginess, bleak moments, social commentary and you end up with Space Cadet. Please note I am not saying the book is bad; it was supposed to be a mindless entertainment for young adults who do not care about romances much and as such it passes with flying colors.

The characters are two-dimensional most of the time (although I really like somewhat stereotypical Texan Tex; bad pun is not mine) and are black-and-white with minimal grey shades. On the positive side the author manages to throw in some interesting scientific facts - from physics mostly - while making them fun to read about.

All in all this is a good read lacking any deep morals of thoughts, but fun at the same time. My rating is 3 solid stars.