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If Death Ever Slept (Nero Wolfe, #29)

If Death Ever Slept (Nero Wolfe, #29) - Robert B. Parker, Rex Stout A millionaire came to Nero Wolfe asking him to get a proof his daughter-in-law is - to use his own expression - a snake. He suspects her of selling his business secrets to outsiders, among other things. Usually even Archie Goodwin who is always eager to get a client does not touch such cases with a ten foot pole, but this time he just had fallout with Nero Wolfe and they were not on speaking terms.

So Nero Wolfe knowing Archie would have to impersonate the millionaire's secretary agrees hoping Archie would reject, but the latter agrees hoping the former would do so as Wolfe has to suffer some discomfort when his sidekick is not around to do countless minor chores. The net result of this? Archie moves in to the millionaire mansion undercover. He soon learns not only he is way over his head, but the developments might be too much even for Wolfe's genius. Dead bodies will make appearances.

Let me start my own musings by stating that I really do believe people who disclose the identity of the villain in their review of a mystery books without at least hiding it in spoiler tags bring huge amount of bad karma on themselves. It would take rescuing a truckload of kittens to just begin bringing some good karma for counterbalance:
I would also de-friend such people without a second thought. Really if you do this you suck, plain and simple. There, I said it.

As usual the interactions between two main characters, and between them and the police represented by head of Homicide in Manhattan Inspector Cramer and Sergeant Purley Stebbins are great and amusing. The mystery element was good enough to keep me glued to the book until the end.