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Champagne for One

Champagne for One - Rex Stout, Lena Horne A sick friend asks Archie Goodwin to attend a charity dinner at a millionaire's widow home. One of the guests drops dead seemingly committing a suicide. The hostess does not want big publicity and thus she applies a lot of pressure on the District Attorney to conclude the investigation as soon as possible without looking at the suicide too closely - she has enough money to do it. Archie is the only person who is convinced he saw murder and he is ready to put his professional reputation at risk to prove it. His boss Nero Wolfe has to help him as Archie's reputation would undoubtedly affect his own as well:
Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin

This book made me care about the victim; even more so as I learned her background during the investigation. Just like for Archie it was almost personal for me. I also need to add that the mystery part was excellent and quite complicated. It took quite a long time for the story to develop, but once it did it remained a gripping tale until the end.

The rating is 4 stars due this time to a good mystery as well as usual brilliant character interactions. One of the recurring characters - police Sergeant Purley Stebbins - gets to show he can use his head and impress Wolfe.